Monday, January 5, 2009

Stop the Conflict in Gaza—Buy an Israeli Flag

Stop the Conflict in Gaza—Buy an Israeli Flag

There can be no doubt that the current flareup in Gaza would not have occurred if not for the murderous rocket activity of Hamas. Barack Obama says he wouldn’t tolerate rockets landing in the vicinity of his children—presumably, he would respond in force.

Even so, I’m glad that President Bush is still president during the IDF response to Hamas terrorism. The devil you know is always better than the devil you don’t. Bush has been steadfast in his moral clarity with regard to terrorism. Deliberate targeting of civilians is terror. Firing rockets into Israel is terror. Terror undermines democracy. Elections don’t count when terrorists hold populations hostage to terror.

Rationalizing about the “frustration” of the elected Hamas terrorists, an activity beloved in the knee-jerk press, has prolonged the suffering, violence, death, and fear of all people in that region. Fatah is the only Palestinian entity capable of negotiating a peace founded on a two-state solution. Fatah has the historical right, and this is an opinion shared by leaders in Egypt, Syria, and other Arab nations.

Demonstrators who march and call attention to themselves in the comfort of world capitals are useful idiots, to be sure, but they are also the scavengers of history. Self-delusion with regard to Hamas “causes” may cause weak chests to tremble with pride, but it will add to the body count, privation, and unsettled business of the two-state solution nearly accepted but ultimately rejected by the Palestinians in 1993.

Do you want to see peace in the region between Israeli’s and Arabs founded upon a separate Palestinian state? Support Fatah, a two-state solution, and peace between Palestinian Arabs and Israelis. And maybe it would be a good idea right now to let Hamas know what you think by buying and displaying an Israeli flag.

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