Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Presumed Bin Laden Audio Tape Lacks Photo

Leave it to CNN to put up a youthful picture of UBL to accompany his latest cant. Bin Laden, aged 51, probably looks older and worse than Zawahiri but CNN won't miss an opportunity to proselytize for Hamas. UBL's latest shy audio tape is redundant and reiterates the homogenized theme of "Israeli aggression."

Demonstrating once again the anti-Jewish bias in reporting of the Gaza conflict, this report is supposed to be about Bin Laden but CNN adds irrelevant body count statistics to its non-story. Okay, you have to mention Israel's retaliatory attack on Hamas terrorists but this one-sided mentioning of Palestinian deaths ignores that a large number of them were terrorists and, of the innocents who died, many of them were killed as a result of secondary Hamas bomb storing caches and methods.

CNN ought to remind people that using civilians as human shields, as Hamas routinely does, is a war crime. It is for this reason that I am starting up a new non-Jewish organization called "Catholics for Israel." All denominations may apply, including Muslims, some of whom are reportedly not pleased with Hamas.

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