Sunday, January 18, 2009

George Bush Image Set to Improve in 4 Years

My headline is geared toward sensationalism, true, but the question remains as to whether Barack Obama will be able to have the same post 9-11 score as George Bush. The president's record is clear. Not a single American has been lost to a terrorist attack in the U.S. since Bush took the reins.

Bush wasn't afraid to take the heat for unpopular decisions. Obama lives in a media bubble of love which he may be loathe to forfeit by making the tough decisions required of a president. Being a civil rights president (a good thing) will not be enough to face an Equal Opportunity Terrorist Attack.

There are a lot of changes the loonie-elite wants to make. Establish a Terrorist Catch and Release program by closing Guantanamo. Withdrawal from Iraq is a much safer idea since much of that pain has been absorbed by the Bush Administration in a winning effort. The defeatnik mentality of Joe Biden would have set a failed three-state solution for Iraq which would have increased bloodshed and loss of life. And Iraq would have become a haven for Al Qaeda, something that the loonie-left will dispute, but then again they dispute everything that stands to America's benefit.

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