Saturday, January 3, 2009

Associated Press: From News to Hamas Propaganda

The Collective Unconsciousness is really apparent in this "news" story by the Associated Press. It starts out well enough, but after it has got your interest with the semblance of a real news story, the narration and video morphs smoothly into a propaganda tentacle for the Hamas Nazis. There were many pro-Israel demonstrations which took place around the country and a great deal of support for a ground invasion to destroy the Hamas Nazis and prevent them from targeting innocent civilians. Why isn't there some coverage of these demonstrations? You'd think also that they might want to question the UN bureaucrats as to where they were for 8 years while Hamas Nazis fired missiles into Southern Israel. The UN is typically ineffectual, a herd of bleating lambs as they concoct ever more meaningless resolutions. Invisible while the Serbs slaughtered ethnic Bosnians, and ineffectual when they finally appeared, the UN has never risen to the level of moral clarity it pretends to have. If I were president, I'd tell the bastards to include me out and get the hell out of New York, too. I think a better place for the U.N might be in Iran or Syria, or perhaps in Putin's court where they freely express their nostalgic feelings and wistful longings for the failed socialist Utopia.

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