Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wall Street Journal Reporters Wax Geithner for Payroll Tax Evasion

Slick, Smooth-Talking Tom Daschle Joins Democratic Tax Cheats

It's getting to be a habit. God forbid the IRS agents should start churning into other federal tax matters in Obama appointees. First, there was Geithner and his TurboTax scandal. Barack spanked him and gave him a do-over opportunity. The Confirmation Committee caved, thinking that a bit of mercenary moral expedience would be excusable in an economic crisis. It's a fine example we're setting for the kids. A little bit of cheating is okay so long as you are photogenic and have an engaging personality.

Now Daschle doesn't have the "boy wonder" look. What he has is a slick, unctuous, but monotonous voice that could sell a lot of baby food. If he doesn't get the Commerce job, perhaps he can work for Gerber's.

But the news reports say he cheated Uncle Sam out of over a hundred thousand dollars. And they haven't so far reported who was Daschle's rich Sugar Daddy, either, no doubt out of an excess of caution. Why doesn't Daschle answer? That would solve the legal problem and truly be the "open government" the Dems are talking 'bout.

Victory for Democracy in Iraq: Elections Conducted with Little Conflict

I wonder when President Obama will acknowledge that the surge in Iraq was a good idea, followed by decisive action, and a result which blazed a path to democracy in Iraq. I hope that Barack Obama doesn't try to reverse the tremendous progress which has been made by declaring a defeat, as he did in the primary presidential campaign. Four thousand American soldiers deserve better, and so do all of those who served.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Luzerne County, Penn., Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael T. Conahan Plead Guilty to Fraud in Juvenile Detention Scheme

Luzerne County, Penn., Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael T. Conahan Plead Guilty to Fraud in Juvenile Detention Scheme
Two Pennsylvania judges were given prison sentences for defrauding taxpayers of millions of dollars and suborning the juvenile justice system.

Former Russian President Putin Disses on Michael Dell in Davos

Look, I wasn’t in Davos but the vignette is telling. CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, the Money Honey, was the one telling it. Looking svelte and mischievous with wide sunglasses hung above a wide smile, Bartiromo made a brief appearance on MSNBC to talk about the 2009 Economic Forum.

In the brief but entertaining snippets she provided, she spoke of an encounter between strong-man guy Vladimir Putin and metrosexual Michael Dell. In typical overweening fashion, and with great consciousness of “improving the image of America” (the blood sport of America’s rich liberal elite), Dell leaned over solicitously to Putin and whispered the following in his ear:

“Is there anything we can do to help you?” he gushed.

Putin was rightly put off by the unctuous and avuncular familiarity.

“Help us? Russia doesn’t need help. Help is for invalids and weaklings.”

Ah…the good old days, when men were men and weren’t massaging each other expensive dinners in Davos. Remember when America prided itself on individuality, on doing things for yourself?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Geraldo Rivera Ambushes Blagojevich

I'm having a slight shift of attitude with regard to Blagojevich, Boy Wonder. Though Blago appears sometimes to cultivate the image of an angel with a dirty face, I think he's been swimming in the river of Chicago political scum so long that he's become buoyant.

Today he was ambushed by Geraldo Rivera outside the set of "the View," that slightly daft daytime gossip opinion show featuring Whoopi Goldberg, among others. The reason I mention Whoopi is that she was ambushed, too, just after the Blago interview.

Prosecutor Fitzpatrick better have something good on the man, and by that I mean more than a Cagneyesque patois on audiotape. Eff them...this job is worth something! So I give Rivera and Blago credit for not being two-faced S.O.Bs; they were quite chummy during the interview, with hands on each others backs, but they sang the same song I'm now singing. Blago's a bad boy but is he a criminal? Did he try to sell Obama's Senate seat? Or is he just taking the fall for nearly all of Chicago and its seedy history?

What Rivera got from Blago is that he wants to be able to call witnesses before he gets railroaded through an impeachment trial. An impeachment trial is not a criminal trial, and there are no appeals. So why can't he call witnesses, among whom Rahm Emmanual and Valerie Miller are bound to figure.

Blago rightly demands that he be able to call witnesses. "What kind of country do we live in?" he asked Geraldo. Yet, the rules of impeachment are quite different from a criminal prosecution and, frankly, I don't know what they are in the state of Illinois. I would think that the man still has Constitutional rights; after all, there are some in congress who are trying to extend constitutional protections to Al Qaeda terrorists, so I should think that Blago must be allowed to properly defend himself.

Piling On New York Governor Patterson

Why's everybody jumping on a blind man and a Kennedy heiress? Let me get Caroline off the hook, first. She wasn't the best choice to replace Hillary Clinton and the reasons for that are pretty plain--there's no point beating the drum about Princess Pony's diction and phraseology at a bombed out news conference. But Patterson saw that and didn't appoint her, disappointing the gushing hordes who wanted to revive "Camelot" and assure a permanent flow of money to Democratic Party coffers. Picking Caroline Kennedy to replace Hillary would have been a disaster of gigantic proportions, and NY power pols had already retreated to battle stations in preparation of engaging in the coming battle. But why beat on Caroline? You can't blame a girl for trying a little aristocratic hustle. Let it go. It's done--so overrrrr!

More to the point, and somehow lost in the media spotlight, is the fact that New York is a big state. Central and upstate New York are a great deal different from the Upper East and West Sides and much different still from the East and West Villages. I've heard there were people up there who managed dairy farms, went hunting, ice skating in natural ponds, joined the military services, were patriotic, and put common sense ahead of ideology in their political choices.

The Gillebrand appointment is a dog that hunts (pun intended). What really kills me is that some of the media windup toys were actually comparing Blagojevich's "quick action" to appoint a successor to Obama's senate seat with Patterson's slower appointment of Gillebrand. What a crock! Consider where the criticism comes from--the wild-eyed sycophants and court toadies of the New England aristocracy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama Inaugural Poet Elizabeth Alexander Gets D Minus in Poetry Composition - Associated Content

Obama Inaugural Poet Elizabeth Alexander Gets D Minus in Poetry Composition - Associated ContentThe flip and flap. Don't forget to give us your opinion in the comments section.

Liberal "About Face" (In Print Anyway)

The Washington Post today has an editorial affirming Bush policies on Gitmo terrorists. Finally confronting reality, the liberal media "about face" has already begun. They've even taken note that Obama said a week ago that Dick Cheney gave him "good advice" about terrorism.

In order to match deeds with words, Obama's going to have to smack down most of his own party. I don't think he is strong enough to do that. Will he be able to say that there will be no terrorist attacks on his watch? Not on the path he's followed in signing an executive order to close Gitmo with no announced plan of what to do with terrorists.

Obama Treasury Nominee Timothy Geithner Doesn't Blame Turbotax for His 2001 - 2002 Income Tax Problems

Obama Treasury Nominee Timothy Geithner Doesn't Blame Turbotax for His 2001 - 2002 Income Tax Problems
A humorous moment came when Senator Charles Grassley asked Geithner what self-help Tax Preparation software he used when he prepared his taxes. The answer: Turbotax.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't Share State Secrets with Jill Biden - Hillary Clinton Second Choice

Talking too much seems to be a Biden family trait. Jill (or Jillie, as Joe cutely calls her) blew it during a celebrity appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show when she told Oprah that hubby Joe was Obama's first choice for both vice-president and Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton was something of an afterthought, according to the VPs wife. The only hurt this time is to Hillary Clinton's feelings but I hope that "Barry" Obama and "Joey" Biden don't share nuclear secrets with "Jillie." We could be in deep trouble if "Jillie" announces some sort of backdoor negotiations with the N. Koreans or Iranians on Oprah. Or do we call her "Opie?"...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

George Bush Image Set to Improve in 4 Years

My headline is geared toward sensationalism, true, but the question remains as to whether Barack Obama will be able to have the same post 9-11 score as George Bush. The president's record is clear. Not a single American has been lost to a terrorist attack in the U.S. since Bush took the reins.

Bush wasn't afraid to take the heat for unpopular decisions. Obama lives in a media bubble of love which he may be loathe to forfeit by making the tough decisions required of a president. Being a civil rights president (a good thing) will not be enough to face an Equal Opportunity Terrorist Attack.

There are a lot of changes the loonie-elite wants to make. Establish a Terrorist Catch and Release program by closing Guantanamo. Withdrawal from Iraq is a much safer idea since much of that pain has been absorbed by the Bush Administration in a winning effort. The defeatnik mentality of Joe Biden would have set a failed three-state solution for Iraq which would have increased bloodshed and loss of life. And Iraq would have become a haven for Al Qaeda, something that the loonie-left will dispute, but then again they dispute everything that stands to America's benefit.

Obama Appointees Won't Support 2nd Amendment Rights

NRA-ILA :: Obama Appointees Face HearingsI guess it's another case of being "for it" before being "against it." Barack Obama has picked Eric Holder as his Attorney General nominee. When Holder's not involved with pardoning people like Marc Rich (who made a fortune smuggling illegal oil from Iran while American hostages were tied to poles in the desert), he courts an anti-gun Second Amendment cultural elite. What is it about these people who do nothing about guns in the hands of urban gangsters but are vehemently opposed to guns in the hands of law-abiding people. There they go again. Give your local congressional representative the message. You can click on the headline to learn more...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nice Guy Timothy Geithner Should Do the Right Thing: Quit

The angular patrician face conveys seriousness, not avarice. Yet the man Obama tapped for his Treasury Secretary owed the IRS $34,000 in FICA taxes he should have paid while he worked for the International Monetary Fund. The IMF is a sort of watchdog on world economic matters. It has both humanitarian and fiduciary goals. It is a large scale organization which employs about 2400 persons, most of whom are provided with earmarked payments for paying their taxes.

Barack Obama doesn't think this is a problem. He calls it an understandable mistake. He points out that Geithner paid his tax bill. The worshipful Obama media is bemused, characterizes it as the precocious mistake of a financial wunderkind. The Republicans like Geithner and are also willing to dismiss Geithner's tax evasion as a faux pas. The Wall Street Journal offers a somewhat bemused editorial entitled "A Geithner Tax Amnesty." The newspaper's suggestion is that everyone in America who owes similar amounts be given the same sort of tax forgiveness which we are about to give Geithner. I think that is a fair idea, but fairness is not the objective here, certainly, and it would be naive to think it is.

It now seems to follow that the economic bankruptcy which America faces was preceded by the same type of moral bankruptcy that we are asked to accept in the appointment of nice guy Timothy Geithner. Shelter your larcenous hearts and look the other way. Isn't that what they did at Fanny Mae? Isn't that what they did in the packaging and selling of derivatives? Isn't that what they did when they used scare tactics to "improve" a situation which becomes progressively worse with each dollor squandered in the hopes of creating false bottoms?

And worse, this type of wilful myopia is sanctioned by the man we have elected to the presidency. Isn't that proof that we are born fools? Isn't that proof that we have become willing slaves by allowing our money to be stripped away to pay bankers and power brokers who work in a conjoined fraternity of mutual enrichment?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are Bush and Obama Playing Russian Roulette with U.S. Economy? - Associated Content

Are Bush and Obama Playing Russian Roulette with U.S. Economy? - Associated ContentSome fun stuff... To read more, click on the link.

Presumed Bin Laden Audio Tape Lacks Photo

Leave it to CNN to put up a youthful picture of UBL to accompany his latest cant. Bin Laden, aged 51, probably looks older and worse than Zawahiri but CNN won't miss an opportunity to proselytize for Hamas. UBL's latest shy audio tape is redundant and reiterates the homogenized theme of "Israeli aggression."

Demonstrating once again the anti-Jewish bias in reporting of the Gaza conflict, this report is supposed to be about Bin Laden but CNN adds irrelevant body count statistics to its non-story. Okay, you have to mention Israel's retaliatory attack on Hamas terrorists but this one-sided mentioning of Palestinian deaths ignores that a large number of them were terrorists and, of the innocents who died, many of them were killed as a result of secondary Hamas bomb storing caches and methods.

CNN ought to remind people that using civilians as human shields, as Hamas routinely does, is a war crime. It is for this reason that I am starting up a new non-Jewish organization called "Catholics for Israel." All denominations may apply, including Muslims, some of whom are reportedly not pleased with Hamas.

Obama Report: More Questions Than Answers? - Associated Content

Obama Report: More Questions Than Answers? - Associated ContentTo read more, just click... The "report" was released a day before Christmas. Were yu 2 bz to read it?

Massachusetts Teacher Christine A. McCallum Accused of Seducing 13-Year-Old - Associated Content

Massachusetts Teacher Christine A. McCallum Accused of Seducing 13-Year-Old - Associated Content

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Was Chris Matthews Born with a Boot Up His Ass?

I would put up a picture of Chris Matthews so you can see who he is if you've been so lucky as not to know. Fact is, I can't stand his apoplectic Howdy-Doody puss. His "thrill down my leg" enthusiasm for Barack is one thing but his brain has to be encrusted with doo-doo. In blabbing about the Burris matter today, Matthews opined to a black guy that "right-wingers" were an unlikely ally to the Burris appointment. He meant Republicans. He thinks we're powerfully motivated by an enjoyment of Harry Reid/Nanny Pelosi embarassment. Since we're patently inhuman, and everyone is supposed to understand that, we cannot be truly sympathetic to the spectacle of a 71 year old man tossed out into the damp cold sleet of a Washington winter after presenting himself to the Congress. Oil Can Harry and Congress' First Nanny Pelosi rejected his credentials, even though the man has never been accused of any wrongdoing.

Not only did I feel sorry for him. I was truly angry that they would publicly humiliate the man. It was low and scurrilous, not to mention unconstitutional and outside of civil behavior. The Democrats who did this have acted like complete buffoons. Harry Reid deserves a public whipping, perhaps to be put into stocks (and I don't mean the financial kind).

There's a Supreme Court precedent ruling for allowing Burris' appointment to stand and how could anyone not know that? The Wall Street Journal reported the Adam Clayton Powell re-instatement several days ago.

I think Blagojevich is a crook but that's not a conviction. Assuming Blago is guilty does not implicate Burris in any way. However, Blagojevich has not even been indicted, let alone convicted. The only "paper" he's accumulated is the filing of a criminal complaint. Not even an impeachment.

Whatever Blago's predicament, he still has the legal authority to make the appointment as things stand right now. Why are the lead Democrats being so dim,dumb, and opaque? What motivates them to humiliate a decent man? What arrogance propels them to put themselves above the constitution?

This stuff is ugly, horrid, repellent. What better spokesman could it have than Chris Matthews?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Stop the Conflict in Gaza—Buy an Israeli Flag

Stop the Conflict in Gaza—Buy an Israeli Flag

There can be no doubt that the current flareup in Gaza would not have occurred if not for the murderous rocket activity of Hamas. Barack Obama says he wouldn’t tolerate rockets landing in the vicinity of his children—presumably, he would respond in force.

Even so, I’m glad that President Bush is still president during the IDF response to Hamas terrorism. The devil you know is always better than the devil you don’t. Bush has been steadfast in his moral clarity with regard to terrorism. Deliberate targeting of civilians is terror. Firing rockets into Israel is terror. Terror undermines democracy. Elections don’t count when terrorists hold populations hostage to terror.

Rationalizing about the “frustration” of the elected Hamas terrorists, an activity beloved in the knee-jerk press, has prolonged the suffering, violence, death, and fear of all people in that region. Fatah is the only Palestinian entity capable of negotiating a peace founded on a two-state solution. Fatah has the historical right, and this is an opinion shared by leaders in Egypt, Syria, and other Arab nations.

Demonstrators who march and call attention to themselves in the comfort of world capitals are useful idiots, to be sure, but they are also the scavengers of history. Self-delusion with regard to Hamas “causes” may cause weak chests to tremble with pride, but it will add to the body count, privation, and unsettled business of the two-state solution nearly accepted but ultimately rejected by the Palestinians in 1993.

Do you want to see peace in the region between Israeli’s and Arabs founded upon a separate Palestinian state? Support Fatah, a two-state solution, and peace between Palestinian Arabs and Israelis. And maybe it would be a good idea right now to let Hamas know what you think by buying and displaying an Israeli flag.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Associated Press: From News to Hamas Propaganda

The Collective Unconsciousness is really apparent in this "news" story by the Associated Press. It starts out well enough, but after it has got your interest with the semblance of a real news story, the narration and video morphs smoothly into a propaganda tentacle for the Hamas Nazis. There were many pro-Israel demonstrations which took place around the country and a great deal of support for a ground invasion to destroy the Hamas Nazis and prevent them from targeting innocent civilians. Why isn't there some coverage of these demonstrations? You'd think also that they might want to question the UN bureaucrats as to where they were for 8 years while Hamas Nazis fired missiles into Southern Israel. The UN is typically ineffectual, a herd of bleating lambs as they concoct ever more meaningless resolutions. Invisible while the Serbs slaughtered ethnic Bosnians, and ineffectual when they finally appeared, the UN has never risen to the level of moral clarity it pretends to have. If I were president, I'd tell the bastards to include me out and get the hell out of New York, too. I think a better place for the U.N might be in Iran or Syria, or perhaps in Putin's court where they freely express their nostalgic feelings and wistful longings for the failed socialist Utopia.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Obama's Hat Trick

The fashion-conscious Obamas are at it again. This time the closet cigarette smoker and president-elect figured he’d make a fashion statement by turning his baseball cap around Brooklyn style circa 1989. Doesn’t this guy have anybody giving him fashion advice? The style is already so passé that he is bound to be the subject of ridicule the world around. That this should occur at a time when Barry says he wants to increase American prestige in world capitals only adds to a sense of fashion hopelessness for the arrivistes. But why doesn’t the slavish Obama media get it? Could it be that the Big Three Networks, CNN and MSNBC are themselves so heavily nerd-infested that they hungrily cling to yesterday’s moldy sense of cool while the rest of the world is largely embarrassed at the spectacle?

Don’t get me wrong, I love nerds and like everyone else I probably have some nerd DNA mixed in with my other. What I don’t love is nerds who pretend to be anything but. Now what caused Obama to do this? Was it those lame and very nice pictures taken of him bicycling in Chicago on a fat-tire bike with his pants hiked up to his Isod polo shirt ala Steve Erkel? Certainly, there was no shame in that, for those were the photos of an honest man being himself. Truth to tell, Obama looked very much at home in that milieu, rolling slowly past the house he purchased alongside the home of Antoin Rezko, his head cautiously encased in a bicycle helmet lest Americans should worry he would be beating it down the hill on a dirt path like that maniacal George W. Bush who crashed over the top of his handlebars. The bicycle photo may have made Obama a bit news-shy, perhaps, but it was no worse than those photos of John Kerry windsurfing or former Governor Michael Dukakis climbing into the turret of a Sherman tank and trying to look like John Wayne.

Obama, please. Give us a little more substance and a bit less outré style. You’re forty-seven years old now, no longer a boy wonder. America doesn’t need a window or a mirror into yesteryear; it needs a president of sufficient substance to manage two wars, an imperiled economy, and a host of foreign policy challenges.