Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Temporary Oil Prices Collapse Won't Break Your Heart

Call it a bad case of Schadenfreude but with crude oil prices slipping down to 46 dollars a barrel, I'm 'bout to dance. As it is, I'll be dancing with the rest of the economic world tumbling down about me. My house is worth less; so is my pension fund; so is my car.

One some days, I'm angry and on other days I laugh. There's lots to laugh at. Most of the people tasked with having to explain it to us don't understand it either. It's surreal. You have these idiots reading you the news, some of which is three days old already, and the news writers seem not to understand that you can't write a news story based upon one single element of the economy. So they keep spilling it out, one story after the other, one headline after the other, the whole picture fractured like a jigsaw puzzle, or scattered like leaves in a fall wind.

The worst thing about it all is that it's soooooooooo political. The reality of the economic crisis is completely lost in spin and slant and ideology so that you can't tell which end is up.

What can we do. There's only one sensible thing to do. Just say "no" to bailout.

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