Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Obama's Team: Why Doesn't It Feel Like Utopia?

I misplaced my vitriol. That's not like losing your false teeth but it is unnerving. I had deluded myself into thinking I didn't like Barack Obama but what was really bothering me were his legions of sychophants. CNN, MSNBC, The NYT, and all the little newspapers around the country were mesmerized by the "path of change." Of course, most people have figured out by now that the self-ordained intellectuals like Paul Krugman and Whats-his-name Friedman the Nobel Economist are jerking each other off with awards and are dullards and bores of the highest order.

But now that we've got the Clinton Cabinet in place, I thought things would feel a little bit more like the promised Utopia. I mean, there they were, the stock market drops and the talking heads immediately launch into the "Bush Legacy" and then the stock market bumps up for a day (or a minute) and the puff-adders who call themselves "reporters" can't stop talking about how Obama's hiccup, fart, or arched eyebrow raised up investor confidence. You'd think we'd have a better feeling for it all. But that Mumbai thing has people caught in their cups, sort of.

And much as we're trying to ignore the 5000 spinning centrifuges while No-Holocaust-Iran builds a bomb capable of blasting tiny Israel to a sandstorm, it's occasionally mentioned on CNN or by some "Right-Wing Conspirators" or even by the liberal New York Times.

And then there's the Russkies and their feudal ambitions, their clever and sophisticated blue-eyed devil Putin, and the puppet Medvedev. And the Big Three fallout. And don't mention the economy. The money-grabbers Gorelick, Raines, and Johnson. The mortgage crisis caused by those champions of the people, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, and others.

It should feel like Utopia. The mainstream media is telling us it's Utopia. We want to believe it's Utopia. Why can't we?

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