Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama Time Magazine Man of the Year! Surprise! Surprise!

Could anything be more wonderful? More pleasing to the eye? More chilling to the legs, as Chris Matthew's has it? Times leading aristocratic flak Rick Stengel was rushing from TV studio to TV studio, sweat dripping down his face, an unapologetic toady, all at the service not of a free press, but of slavish, doting national magazine which has "found it" in the person of president-elect Obama. It would have been hilarious, except that it went on and on and on at a glacial pace.

Time's Managing Director Stenger has this really queer accent and I don't mean that in the contemporary popular sense of the word. I'm referring to the "tonal issues" of a major weekly magazine redressing everything that Obama says and does and might be thinking to fit an agenda popular in San Francisco, the Upper East and West Sides of New York City, and at the Kennedy Compound at Hyannis.

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