Monday, December 29, 2008

Joe Biden: Dunce of the Year 2008

We rescued this dog from our local SPCA and she's a real champion with a great heart.

Biden might have gotten this guy, a puppy rescue at our local SPCA. Instead, the VP went to a breeder to get a dog with "papers." But isn't this guy a thoroughbred?

More “change you can believe in” concerns VP Joe Biden who felt impelled to buy a dog with a ‘pedigree’ for the kids. With about five million dogs euthanized each year in animal shelters, you might think Biden would have found an opportunity to set a good example. Instead, he goes to a breeder to get a dog with “papers.”

What exactly does a dog with “papers” confer on America’s newest statesman? Does it increase the value of the dog? Does it confer some kind of legitimacy on the acquisition? Does it guarantee the dog will be a “good dog?” No, I’m afraid it doesn’t do any of those things. The only thing is does is convince even more people that Obama’s choice for vice-president has established his bona-fides as a full-fledged pedigreed idiot.

I volunteer occasionally at our local SPCA and I’ve adopted two unwanted dogs from the organization. I’ve also assisted in finding adoptive “parents” for other dogs. We recently adopted “Mandy,” a beautiful animal who looks a great deal like a purebred German Shepherd. I don’t know if she is a “purebred” and really don’t give a damn. She’s highly intelligent and responsive and has grown out of what few issues she had when we got her (mainly a bit of stir-craziness from living in an overflowing SPCA kennel).

So now is a great time to score a point for America’s unwanted and abused animals. Write to the vice-president and let him know what you think about his pedigreed pooch. It won’t change his mind, of course, but it’ll set a good precedent, particularly if some numb newsperson is inspired enough to ask VP Biden a question at a presser.

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