Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jesse Jackson Jr. A Snitch?

If there's a guy in the Chicago Political Mob I feel sorry for it's Jesse Jackson Jr. One of the major media outlets was reporting that Jackson had been working with investigators looking into Chicago political corruption over many years. If that's true, they should give the guy some respect for not selling his soul to Blagojevich, as nearly everyone else in the Chicago Mob did. The story goes that Blago's wife was denied a job with the state's lottery commission because of Jackson's refusal to cough up $25K for Blagojevich. I do pause and wonder why Jackson's wife wanted the lottery commission job in the first place; it would seem to me that she would want to steer clear of political patronage jobs like that if she wants her man to ascend.

I'm not much the audacious type when it comes to "hope," but I hope that Jackson Jr. comes up clean in the Blagojevich mess with all its nefarious tentacles which have ensnared even the president elect's chief of staff Rahm Emmanual.

Speaking of Rahm Emmanuel, here's a question for you:

Q: How many times was Rahm Emmanual caught in prosecutor Fitzgerald's tapes of contacts to Blagojevich?

A: 21 times.

Yet, David Axelrod was sweating out the rounds today trying to put out the smoke. Axelrod intimated they were talking about unimportant what?...well, hairspray, for example. Were there any other style tips?

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