Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bill Richardson Blows Hard At Commerce: Obama Press Conference

Bill Richardson is right now on television with Barack Obama and he's delivering a speech in Spanish. That's okay... I understand most of it because it's not a complicated sort or Spanish he's the kind of stuff you would get from say...working in a boxing gym or hanging around a lot at Mexican restaurants in the Western States.

Richardson is a first-class blowhard but he must be repaid for his abandonment of Hillary Clinton to support B.O. So he gets Department of Commerce,a good spot for a man with a mercantile feel and a pedestrian mind.

In the Q and A, they're asking Obama about the Big Three Bailout. Barack's making a careful play, aimed more at demonstrating his philosophical thoughtfulness than at providing information.

A Latino reporter tells Obama that he thinks it's somewhat insulting that Hispanics like Bill Richardson were relegated to the outer reaches of the Obama cabinet. Reporter also says there is a paucity of Hispanics overall. Obama responds that "Commerce is very, very important" and blah,blah, blah. Obama describes his staff with the "D" word, popular in Democratic circles, "D" as in "diverse." I would respond with a "C" as in "cliche."

I don't know, it's going to be very boring if Obama's delivery is always so protracted, deliberative, and null of content. Of course, he is not yet the president so perhaps he should be excused for this vacuous "press conference" which ends with Richardson patting him on the back as they exit stage right.

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