Friday, November 21, 2008

Where Is Barack Obama on this Economic Crisis?

So Obama selected his new treasury secretary, Tim Geithner. People are wondering if the new guy is going to be like Greenspan with a lisp. Like Greenspan, Geithner seemed to favor a hands-off policy. But the strangeness of the economic times has triggered some unprecedented actions.

It’s not exactly news that the financial institutions are nervous and inclined to hold to whatever capital they have now. But wasn’t one of the more often heard reasons for voting for Barack Obama that the Bush economic plan failed?

I have a simple question. What is the Obama economic plan? The campaign rhetoric was not helpful in clarifying this mystery, nor was the campaign website. I know Bush is still the president but Jan 20 will come soon enough and it’s not too early for Obama to tell people what he intends to do about the economic crisis. We are in crisis, aren’t we, Barack? Hello, anyone there? Barack?

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