Monday, November 17, 2008

What’s In the McCain-Obama Meeting for Me?

President-elect Obama made a positive move in calling for a fence-mending meeting with John McCain. It’s easy to see that McCain would be a valuable ally in pushing some of the programs where the candidates meet on edges. Harder to understand is what the meeting can do for McCain and, by extension, for me.

I can only think of one thing. If McCain is successful in persuading Obama to get real about Iraq and other foreign policy matters, I would be in a better mood to cut my losses on some other matters. I’m hoping Obama turns out to be a much better president than I have pre-judged him to be. Even in my worst moments, I could see that the guy had something going for him.

Effing up the foreign policy would be the one unforgivable mistake Obama could make. Announcing a too-early pullback from a Free Iraq could reignite what Democrats used to call a “failed Iraq policy.” The only “failed Iraq policy” was the submission-monkey programs offered by Pelosi, Reid, and yes—Obama.

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