Monday, November 24, 2008

Secretary of the Bailout: Tim Geithner

For sure, Barack Obama has picked some people will experience in bailouts. Tim Geithner is one such bailout expert. He was present during a whole bunch of bailouts, not only of banks and other financial institutions, but also of governments.

I don't know about you but I'm suffering from BB, a dangerous condition sometimes referred to as Bailout Blur. That's what happens when you get bailout on top of bailout and there appears to be no end in sight. My mind tends to wander, become distracted. At night, I count Bailout Sheep, jumping over the planned fence between the U.S. and Mexico.

Hank Paulsen just yesterday announced a bailout of Citigroup with its two trillion dollars in assets. The president elect and his cronies in Congress are not about to be outdone in the generosity department. On top of the Paulsen 750 billion, Obama's planning another 750 billion bailout heading your way. Christmas may soon be coming to your bankrupt town, city, or state.

Frankly, the word "bailout" is outmoded. It's a sort of nautical term where the image is conjured up of using a steel bucket to bail water out of the bottom of a sinking ship or boat. That's not what's happening. The "boats" are already at the bottom of the sea. Waht's happening here is we're trying to rescue the "sailors."

Some of the sailors happen to be in Congress... people like BArney Frank and Chris Dodd, and their pal at bankrupted Countrywide Bank, Angelo Mozilo.

And what about Frank Raines and Jamie Gorelick. If Jame Gorelick could eff up the 9-aa Commossion and rob millions from Freddie Mae, why can't she be hired by the Obama administration as a PICOB (Person In Charge of Bailout)?

And what about me? My ship is sinking? I have experience. I have learned. I'll tell you what's wrong! They're not printing enough money, dammit!

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