Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Could We Re-Vote John McCain for President 2008?

I suppose I'm prescient judging by my earlier terrorist alert. I just had the wrong city and the wrong country. The coordinated terror attacks in Mumbai India are horrific. Suicidal Islamo-Nazis attacked several sites in Mumbai, killing 85 and wounding hundreds of others. The Islamo-Nazis took over hotels and hospitals, and fired into crowds indiscriminately as they targeted Americans and British vistors to India's financial center.

I expect the same thing will be coming to other cities soon now that the U.S elections are over. That's what I wanted to talk about anyway. I wonder if there is some way that the elections might be held again because I'm sure, if they were able to rethink the matter, most voters feel they may be better off with John McCain at the wheel. No disrespect to Barack Obama, who has style and elan and will try to do his very best, but I'm afraid Barack's philosophies and beliefs will not be up to snuff, not when America and its allies have to deal with assholes like the Decca Mujahadeen.

I have written to my congressional representatives urging that they pass some special legislation so that we may turn out in greater numbers to vote for John McCain. McCain, at least, has the experience of fire, of suffering, and of impending death. Perhaps Senator Obama will even go along with a re-vote; he's certainly had second thoughts about many things and perhaps now he is re-thinking the presidency. Obama could very well think it's unfair that the mainstream media helped him to such an extent, and perhaps prefers a bit more experience in the Senate before embarking on a presidential destiny.

Congress should understand. We made a mistake. We're only human, after all. The mood of the moment was toward Obama. Surely, we can vote again, and that would, in itself, reinforce whatever choice is made the second time around.

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