Thursday, November 20, 2008

Auto Bailout: Pelosi, Reid, & Frank on the UAW Union Hook

So the auto bailout seems to have failed on the first time around. I guess they ran out of runway for the corporate jets. You know, I don’t have a problem with Nardelli, Waggoner, or Mulally—they are who they are. Actually, I like that guy Mulally and I like what he’s done for Ford. Those other dudes I don’t know about…

I love American cars like the beefed up Ford Mustang my friend has. It goes from zero to sixty in less time then it takes me rescue my heart from the back seat. And I like the design of the new Chevy Malibu, not as much as I’d like to have the new Camaro which is still on the launching pad but pretty much. I like the Ford Focus, too, and I like the sticker price which is about 4,000 dollars less than it’s rival Honda Civic which can be tricked out to be too fast too furious and too boring. I also like the 5,000 pound Crown Vic, the police cruiser/taxicab looking thing that can take a hit and keep on ticking. I like the Ford trucks—I have one now but I’d like to have a bigger one so that I could burn more gas just kidding. I think the government should give me some cash so I can buy a Ford 150 with an extra cab for the groceries. I like to haul dirt or gravel from the local quarry for home projects. I like to move used furniture. I like to carry heavy stuff once in a while. But most of America buys Toyota and Honda and BMW and VW and Subaru because they’re brainwashed from the 80s when the Big Three was building crap cars.

But all that has nothing to do with the UAW job banks where schmucks get paid not to work and have phat pension plans. I really hate bailing out the union bureaucracy which is top heavy and has its own corporate jets. I really really hate bailing them out when the bailout is a payback for supporting Barack Obama and not giving a shit what happens to the damned country.

I’m praying that Barack Obama will be a better president than I gave him credit for, but so far he seems to have hired a lot of unemployed Clintonista lobbyists. His anti-war pronouncements and posturing while troops were in the field still rankle, but I suppose he was the prototype left-wing Democrat of the Year in that constellation. But the real beast is hiding behind the curtain and the slide in the stock market indexes is a sign that people in are not exactly heeding the message of “hope and change.” You’re supposed to be getting an election bounce but, except for the rare day or hour, the market’s gone down, down, down and taking everybody with it. The poor slobs like me can’t afford to lose even 10Gs in the pension plan and the housing crash compliments of Barney Frank, Frank Raines, Jamie Gorelick and Chris Dodd. Yeah, I know—those Fanny-Freddies are my scapegoats but they did a lot to make sure things turned rotten for America’s economy.

Well the best thing about the Congressional hearings that failed to bail out the Auto Industry and pay back Gettelfinger and the Unions was to see Barney, and Nancy and Harry sweating it out in front of the hot lights and trying to save face. Pelosi’s makeup was caked and her botox seemed to have melted. Barney was stuttering more than usual and his pores were emitting a jet spray as Harry sheepishly confessed there had to be a better way to do it, do something, save the Obamanites from public embarrassment and pay back the Unions, that debt needing to be discharged.

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