Friday, October 3, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Joe: Palin Barracuda Slices Biden

What was funny about the VP debate was that Sarah Palin showed she was the equal (if not the better) of a 30 year Washington Senator. Biden demonstrated his usual excess of verbiage. Biden believes the number of words he uses is equal to the quality of what he says. What verbiage!

It was clever of Sarah Palin to point out Biden’s condemnation of Barack Obama’s foreign policy during the primary. That criticism is all too true. And what could be more idiotic than Biden’s plan to partition Iraq into three separate countries?

Biden fits well with Obama in that they are both political chameleons, changing sides to reflect the needs of professional pollsters. Sarah Palin was fresh, positive, and plain speaking. There is a great deal of difference between the plain-speaking wide sweeping opinions of Westerners like Sarah Palin and the narrow, pinched, lawyerly and often peripatetic rhetoric of the East Coast Washington-Boston-New York-Chicago Mob.

And Palin pointed out the obvious, too, when she told Biden Americans didn’t need Obama’s planned trillion dollar tax increase. There’s no amount of rhetoric or posturing which can hide that boondoggle from American voters.

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