Friday, October 10, 2008

Obama's Gun Control Mania

Behind the shady goings on in the Obama campaign is the looming figure of internationalist America hating George Soros. It's no secret that Obama is trying to buy this campaign and he has plenty of money to stifle the airwaves and soffocate the opposition. He's spending millions to buy whole hourly segments of television time to carpet bomb voters with an Obama propaganda film. This is in addition to the 3 million daiily dollars in regular campaign ads. Obama believes far more in the power of money to buy the votes than he does in his so-called "platform." The world hasn't seen such a whitewash since Lenni Reifenstahl used film to aggrandize the Hitler regime at the 1939 Olympics. Film at 11.

George Soros and Barack Obama are big gun control freaks who support the U.N initiatives on world gun control. Actually, they support any and all gun control efforts.

You can understand how then I "laughed and cried" at the radio ad I heard yesterday which conveys the "testimonial" of an imaginatory "NRA member" who "supports Barack Obama." It went something like this:

" Obama's great. People are trying to scare you that Obama will take away your guns but that is a lie. Barack Obama supports your right to bear arms.I'm an NRA member and I support Barack Obama.

Let me tell you somoething: Real NRA members and many other responsible gun-owning Americans don't support Barack Obama. If you're not an NRA member, I would urge you to join it as I did. If you don't have the money, join it when you get some. But here's the truth abot the Obama anti-gun mania:

Obama wants to overturn the recent Supreme Court Decision reinforcing the 2nd Amendment. He wants to interpret the decision in a peculiar way which will allow you to own single-shot shotguns.

Obama would ban all auto and semi-auto weapons and anything that looks like an "assault weapon" even though criminals would be able to obtain "ghettoe sweepers" easily on the black market.

Even though Obama will "allow" single-shot rifles, you will have to climb a high mountain of red tape to get one. Since you can't be trusted, you will have to be registered in a national data base for single-shot shotgun/rifle owners.

If you own guns that do not fit into Obama's gun-control mania, you will be a criminal in your own country and subject to arrest and prosecution. Your arrest and prosecution will be a political issue rather than a legal one since the U.S. constitution guarantees your right to bear arms under the 2nd Amendment.

Keep in mind that Obama supported a total ban on civilian ownership of handguns while he was a state senator from Illinois. He would have you think he "changed" his views but "changed" views from Obama are designed to gain votes. Keep in mind that he changed his mind about Farrakhan, Wright, Fleger, Ayers, Rezko, Auchi, and others who would cause people not to vote for Obama.

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