Monday, October 6, 2008

Obama: President of World Internationale

Barack Obama is getting a lot of financial support from outside the country. The RNC is filing a complaint with the election commission to counteract the flood of money. Obama did return several thousand dollars to two Palestinian men raising money for Obama by selling Obama Tee Shirts in the West Bank. Discuss amongst yourselves…..

Of course, some of the people contributing to the Obama campaign from inside the country are kind of acting like they live outside the country. The “internationalist” philosophy of Obama, Ayers, Farrakhan, Wright and others who live in Obama’s neighborhood represents the interests of a narrow band of countries who see the creation of the state of Israel as the root of all the world’s problems. The other Great Enemy of “internationalism” is capitalism—for the other guy. All the aforementioned persons live well outside the means of most people in America and, like Obama, have compromised themselves (Rezko) to gain traction.

Just as the commissars of the old Soviet Union lived the high life while demagoguing the issues among the less fortunate, so do Obama and his radical socialist-left policies try to manipulate an electorate which suffers from a mainstream media propaganda drenching.

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