Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama Loves ACORN and ACORN Loves Voter Fraud

Has Massive Voter Fraud Become Politically Correct?

One strong indication of the impending rot of our Republic is that the Justice Department is turning a blind eye to massive voter fraud sanctioned by Barack Obama and his supporters. If you think I’m kidding, just try to remember the name of the current attorney general. I mean, hell, if he/she were doing anything, you’d know his name, wouldn’t you? It’s Michael Mukasey—if you don’t know. And it is a “he.” I had to look it up. I remembered every attorney general going back to A. Mitchell Palmer but the current one may be little more than a projection on a screen, given a name.

It’s likely that Barack Obama is thinking of giving a future A.G. job as a sop to Hillary Clinton, indicating a too late pro-woman change of heart. It’s likely he’ll need Hillary to get both legitimacy and expertise. I mean, would the high-profile senator from New York take a job at DHHS? No. I mean...after the tee-shirt beating Obama and his people gave her, Hillary deserves something important, doesnt' she?

Anyway, back at the ranch, Obama the lawyer has dispatched other teams of lawyers to badger Mukasey’s office about ACORN and accusing them also of consorting with McCain’s people. Wouldn’t you think McCain’s people had an interest in deterring voter fraud? It’s b.s.—a complete smokescreen—designed to prevent Justice from looking into the massive Obama voting fraud organization most evident in the activities of groups like ACORN. ACORN is the left- wing “community organization” which launched ballot stuffing and fake voter registration initiatives in about 30 states.

In Ohio, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is brazen enough to defy Congress’s election laws. She refuses to verify 200,000 suspect registrations and to screen them for address, felony convictions, and so on. This is just a single example. Think of similar goings-on in many other states.

So how then does Obama get away with this? One reason, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, theorizes it’s because many Justice Department attorneys are Obama supporters and contributors. The Journal mentions those lawyers by name and lists their contributions to the Obama campaign. The editorial is called “Justice and Vote Fraud” and appears in the Oct 27 edition of the paper.

Another reason is that Lawyer Obama has enlisted the aid of Civil Rights organizations to tie up the Justice Department in “amicus” style lawsuits with the aim of protecting against “voter intimidation.” You’d think that meant sweating white sheriff’s men standing around the voting booth with shotguns and police dogs. What it really means is that, unless the government pays for transporting Obama supporters to the polls in stretch limos, the Justice Department will be investigated for a range of infractions not to include phony registrations.

The U.S. needs to prosecute voter fraud, first and foremost. Obama needs to condemn voter fraud and distance himself (in more than words) from organizations like ACORN.

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