Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama Dumps Homeowners in Favor of Big Business

Just another example of Barack Obama's willingness to say anything to get votes. One day he exhibits sympathy for homeowners in trouble with their mortgages and the next day he blasts John McCAin on a real plan to help out those in need.

McCain's plan is geared toward those who are behind on their mortgage but who are responsible and working their butts off to stay in their homes. It's better planning than to give the money to Corporate Lawyers on Vacation in California luxury spas.

Oh, wait..that's not unusual.... Obama is a lawyer. He can be for things at the same time he is against them. He'll probably come up with something academic and philosophical to explain that, his campaign cronies will re-state what he really meant to say, and ACORN will be at work creating a fraudulent landslide.

Unless America wakes up to this pending disaster.

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