Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Republican Vote for John McCain Doesn’t Count: ACORN

I guess there’s no point in voting but I’m going to vote for John McCain anyway. There’s no point in my vote because ACORN has been around the country stuffing registration databases with phony names, pet names, Dallas Cowboy team members, dead people and visitors from Outer Space. No doubt my McCain vote will be cancelled out by a gerbil named John Smith.

The latest ACORN attack on democracy is in Alabama. Six counties in Alabama have more registered voters than they have voters of eligible voting age. This is typical of the ACORN attacks on democracy in other states, and it’s well known that the Obama Dirty Tricks Squad has been very active in my state, Pennsylvania. With the race so close, and with a dismissive attitude by the atrophied pro-Obama liberal media, it is very likely the New and Old Left politicians will be able to pull off a ballot box coup d’etat.

A Google search shows ACORN fraud across the country and it is interesting that the media is so “in the bag” for Obama that there are actually far-left news articles claiming that federal investigations of massive ACORN voter fraud are Republican attempt to “suppress the vote.” Yeah, well right!.... Let’s not suppress the fraudulent voters. We might do permanent damage to their self-esteem.

But I’m mad, even madder than that guy who told McCain he was mad. I’m so mad my head could explode in the voting booth, leaving brain matter all over the place. It’s likely your head will explode, too, and then what? That will be the only brain matter used by the officials who manage and enforce the legal provisions of a voting democracy.

We need to implement some system of photo or BIO ID voting IMMEDIATELY!

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