Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Favorite Sarah Palin Stump Speech Line

Obama’s campaign rhetoric is hyperbolic and often meaningless. “Change You Can Believe In” becomes “Change We Need” because bringing up the concept of “believe” in the former slogan calls his credibility into question. That’s not a good thing when Obama’s credibility IS in question. So we excise the issue in “Change We Need.”

Another great weakness of the Obama lexicon is when Obama tells the hypnotized ignorati that “I will fight for you.” Or “I will fight for America.” He uses the term “fight” so often that it becomes a dull and cheap word rather than an enlivening, engaged word.

Now I love many things about Sarah Palin but I get a chill running down my leg every time I hear her utter my favorite Sarah Palin stump speech line. Palin’s utterly clear perception of the meaning of the word “fight” is evident in that line and at every time she utters it:

“There is only one man in this presidential race who has really fought for America.”

Obama can talk the talk all he wants to but John McCain’s the only guy who can walk the walk. John McCain. Now and forever!

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