Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Meaning of Negative Ads: Obama Objects!

There seems to be some confusion in the MSM about "negative ads." Negative ads are the ones that criticize Barack Obama. Obama campaign ads are never "negative." Just watch MSNBC for about 5 minutes. Every burp from the McCain campaign is amplified and interpreted as an oupouring of hatred. Muffled audio audience utterances are "translated" into attack machine vitriol. If you boo Obama, the MSNBC "translators" will say you threatened his life. Among Obama supporters across the media, there is no distinction between truthful criticism and "negative ads."

Telling the truth about your opponent, if you're a Republican or a Democrat supporting McCain-Palin, is a negative ad. Saying that Barack Obama is a friend of acknowledged bomber Bill Ayers is a negative ad. Saying that Obama got his political booster shots at Ayer's house is a negative ad. Saying that Barack Obama sat in the hate-spewing Rev. Wright's church for 20 years is a negative ad. Saying that Obama received support from Antoin Rezko in politics and in the purchase of his Chicago mansion is a "negative ad." To say that Obama can't possibly keep his campaign promises is a "negative ad." To criticize ACORN's pervasive voter fraud campaign is to be guilty of "negative ads." To say that Obama jettisoned Hillary Clinton for reasons of ego and because it played to his male-centered supporters is a "negative ad." Saying that "character" is an issue is a "negative ad." Saying that Obama is lying when he's lying is a "negative ad."

Just face it, McCain-Palin supporters. Breathing, speaking, and particularly voting for Republicans is a negative ad. I hope you are clear about your transgressions now.

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