Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm a Bitter Gun Owner and I Vote in Pennsylvania

NRA-ILA :: Grassroots ActivismThis is funny considering Barack Obama's demonstrated contempt for Pennsylvanians who hunt, own handguns, or read the bible. It was at a fancy San Francisco soiree that Obama issued his now famous condemnation of Pennsylvanians when he thought that nobody was in earshot.

"They're bitter in Pennsylvania and all they can do is cling to guns and religions."

Playing the part of the urban hipster, Obama went on to brag about his coolness and distance from the uglier facts of life which most of us have to endure. Sucess in politics, as in life, was all a matter of how you said things, according to Obama. Surely, the most viscious tryants would readily succumb to his Chicago style inside politics wit and hyperbolic rhetorical flourishes. So believes Obama.

Anyway, buy a yard sign, if only to stick it up Obama's skinny rear end. The money goes for a good cause--2nd Amendment Constitutional rights. And Join the NRA. Do it now, before Obama stations a gun warden inside your living room.

We've created a new yard sign that will send a message from all of you "bitter" gun owners to Obama this election season with our own slogan: "I'm a Bitter Gun Owner and I Vote!"

It has been estimated that well-placed campaign signs can account for four percentage points on Election Day. Think back to the 2000 presidential election, where 537 votes in Florida separated George W. Bush from Al Gore, and four points seems like a landslide! While you are focused like a laser beam on the November 4 election, some gun owners may not be aware of what's at stake for the future of the Second Amendment on Election Day.

To help us raise gun owner awareness of the impending election, and to market NRA's campaign efforts, we have three colorful, patriotic campaign yard signs for sale featuring our "I'm the NRA & I Vote," "Vote Freedom First," and our newest, "I'm a Bitter Gun Owner and I Vote!" slogans.

These high quality signs are bold, durable, and easy to assemble. Everything needed to assemble the sign is contained in one compact package, and all components are made in the USA.

Each sign costs a very reasonable $15.95, or you can order a combination pack of two signs for $26.95, or three signs for $38.95 (includes shipping and handling). A portion of the proceeds goes directly to NRA-ILA to assist our efforts to protect, preserve, and strengthen our Second Amendment rights!

By proudly displaying your NRA yard sign, and showing your support for the Second Amendment, you will greatly enhance our ability to deliver victory for pro-gun candidates on November 4!

Please call (866) 869-6389 or visit to order your NRA yard signs TODAY!

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