Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bob Gibbs: Obama Campaign Advisor on Fox News

Obama wrote the forward for Bill Ayers' book yet Gibbs says that Obama didn't know Ayers. If ever there was a more brazen flunky and Obama apologist, it is Mr. Gibbs. Of course, Gibbs launched into a discussion of the fuzz on his navel rather than deal with the questions put to him. Gibbs would be understandably loathe to admit of Obama's left-wing imprimatur, reflected in his assocation with mad bomber and America hater William Ayers in several contexts. Obama was hired by Ayers as an attorney and director of an Annenberg Fund. It was in Ayers house that Obama kicked off his campaign for the state senate of Illinois. They fraternize within the same neighborhood. That's wonderful but why lie about it?

Obama's as left as America's leaders have ever gone. Yet, why would the campaign spend millions on advertising to convince voters that he's mainstream? All one has to do is peruse the Kos and other bulletin boards and the internet forums to see that Obama could admit of his socialist agenda, run on a Socialist ticket, and still get plenty of votes. Why the charade?

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