Sunday, August 17, 2008

Will Hillalry Star at the Democrat Party Convention?

Political Diary - WSJ.comPeople unaccustomed or willfully blind to the sophistry of the Obama campaign are inclined to gush enthusiastically at the "brilliance" of Obama. Obama's pretty bright in the native intelligence category, no doubt, but with about 2 years under his belt, he's not been very adept at converting a customary intelligence into sound political judgement. Witness his flat-footed response when the Russians invaded Georgia. That's what Hillary was referring to her in famous ad about the "3:00 a.m. phone call."

Many people are of the opinion that Hillary Clinton is still the best candidate. Now, with a roll call vote set for the Denver convention, the door is open for an overthrow of the anti-Clinton cabal which wrested control from Hillary through an adroit manipulation of the caucus system in some states.

Here's John Fund's take on what could happen.

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