Saturday, August 9, 2008

Russian Jets Bomb Georgia and Barack Obama Orders a Pina Colada

With Russian planes bombing Georgian towns, now would be a good time for candidate Obama to “look presidential.” At least, it would be preferable to preening like a rock star before the Brandenburg Gate. It is remarkable, however, how much at a loss for words the “gifted orator” can be when faced with real world challenges.

Reached on his way to a Hawaiian vacation, Democratic candidate Barack Obama seemed a little flat-footed when asked to comment on the Russian invasion of Georgia and the outbreak of violence. He answered with the same equivocal tone he used when asked to comment on the John Edwards’ scandal. I guess he didn’t see the news clips of rockets streaming every second from the ground and civilians fleeing the bombing. The sure-footed McCain, on the other hand, recognized what it all meant and issued a terse and pointed statement reflecting exactly that.

If ever there is a time when America should choose the devil it knows over the devil who assumes all shapes and forms, that time is now.

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