Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pelosi, Reid, Obama: Roadblocks to Off-shore Drilling

Barack Obama may be seeing the light on offshore drilling. He now says he’s willing to consider offshore drilling. Having many times criticized McCain for his position on offshore drilling, Obama now compliments the way Republicans and a small contingent of Democrats have crafted an energy bill which includes offshore drilling. So I suspect that Obama’s surrogates have done some research on the topic and decided they don’t want to be on the losing side of a debate in which 74 percent of Americans want to increase supply by off-shore drilling. But that didn’t stop Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats from erecting barriers to common sense. Afflicted with Al Gore style global warming hysteria, Pelosi spent her days herding nervous Democrats about the House wardrooms in fear and trembling of a vote. It was with a great sigh of relief that Pelosi said bye-bye to Congress and Congress said bye-bye to the American people in order to embark on their long August holiday, and the American people said bye-bye to their money as it disappeared into gas tanks and energy bills.

Pelosi and her “progressive” crowd expect that the high energy prices she’s trying to achieve will result in legions of Prius owners driving happily across the horizon but affordable alternative energy vehicles and affordable “renewables” will be out of reach for most people for twenty years or more. Of course, the tyranny of limited economic resources will not apply to America’s elites and the rest of us will have to freeze to death and lose our jobs so that we can then be “saved” by the miracle of income re-distribution. Or not.

If we are not saved and must instead exact retribution from our oppressors, Pelosi and Reid offer the twin happiness of a proposal to drive the futures trading business to other countries or a “windfall profit tax” on “big oil.” Wow, that’ll make us feel lots better while we’re freezing. Maybe a windfall profits tax will stop “big oil” from drilling at any time. Then we can take a flying fuck on Nancy Pelosi’s magic carpet ride of hot air and hope. If Barack Obama could truly believe in the “audacity of hope,” there would be no need for Pelosi to protect Obama from the audacity of a vote on off-shore drilling. Clearly, this is politics of the most banal and partisan variety, and the House Speaker lowers the stature of the Congress by devoting all her energies to obfuscation, obstruction, and disrespect of the democratic process.

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