Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Text Message Notification Was a Lead Balloon

Forty-two year old presidential candidates should be serious, sober men who are capable of putting aside childish things. Needing the youth vote, Barack Obama couln't resist sucking up to the techie youth crowd by promising to inform them of his VP choice by text message, even before the media should hear of it. The result was a lead balloon.

What is a lead balloon? Well, they don't sail along on the airwaves very well. Lots of people received bogus text messages announcing the selection of the wrong candidate. Others received no text messages at all. The media beat the street and found out Biden was picked even before the text messages were sent out. Worst of all, the kids targeted by the huge Obama PR campaign didn't give a damn, so banal is the entire concept of text messaging. Unless Barack was your bbf...

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