Monday, August 4, 2008

Obama Bicycles the Low Road to Racial Politics

Candidate Obama continues on the low road with his attempts at race-baiting. Is there some kind of strange psychology going on in the candidate’s head? Or is it a measure of Axelrod’s neurosis that Obama calls attention to skin color on odd days and disparages it on even days. Like WTF is he talking about that he doesn’t look like the faces on our paper currency? Who does? All the faces on the currency are green in any case. Most have hair so John McCain doesn’t look like the currency either. Abe Lincoln was 6 foot four inches tall and McCain’s 5 foot 7 so there’s no resemblance there. In fact, given Lincoln’s height and ruddy complexion, Barry Obama resembles Lincoln far more than pink-hued John McCain.

Is Obama’s post-modern racial schtick some version of the wounded bird routine? Obama says “they’re gonna’ make fun of my name…etc..”

Apparently, Barry O. is suffering from a schoolboy re-genesis wherein he discovered his roots and changed his name from Barry to Barack. Before that, his friends and family called him Barry. Judging from the bicycle picture, with his nerdy helmet and his pants hiked up to his ISOD alligator polo shirt, he looks more like a “Barry” than a “Barack.”

“And did I mention I’m black?” scoffed Obama, in Florida.

Yes, you did. In fact, you mentioned it about a hundred times, and so did your surrogates. And your people also used pigmentation differences to paint Bill and Hillary Clinton as Southern White bigots who felt entitled (because of their Caucasian appearance) to the presidency. The hilarity in that, of course, is that many of Obama’s confreres referred to Bill Clinton as “America’s First Black President.” If that appellation had credibility among some of Barack’s supporters, then it would logically follow that Bill Clinton became “America’s First Black Racist President” during the Democratic primaries. But the notion had no credibility then, and the charge of racism now, against the Clintons, the Republican candidate, and other Americans, has no credibility either. It is race-baiting of the worst sort, and it’s as harmful to those who identify themselves as black Americans as it is to others.

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