Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton Lets the Dogs Out at the Democrat Convention

I tuned in to the DNC to hear Hillary speak. It’s not a good sign when the true stars of the tepid love-fest are Obama’s two darling little girls, a basketball player, and Hillary Clinton. I’ve grown to appreciate and respect Hillary Clinton a great deal, though her voice grates on me; Hillary has lots of juice, lots of true grit, and she’s relentless. She delivered a solid speech with a stirring ending, mentioning Harriet Tubbman’s admonition that “when you hear the dogs barking behind you, keep running.”

You can imagine she heard the dogs barking behind her as she hit the tag lines, hardly believing herself that Obama could win the election as scarce as experience is on Obama’s side of the ledger. Hillary Clinton was nobody’s stooge--she couldn’t fake any closeness or special fervor for Obama and could only manage a respectful nod to Michelle Obama, the woman. Hillary kept running and why shouldn’t she? She was the fastest horse in the race, but this is progress, and the race no longer goes to the swift; it goes to whomever is anointed by the mainstream media and the ever more anemic apparatchiks who huddled with Howard Dean to produce this thing.

The DNC has to be experiencing a little buyer’s remorse. At the same time, Republicans had expected Hillary to overshadow the nominee but were still stunned by the strength of Hillary’s capture of the crowd. It was like, wow, we knew we dodged the bullet but we didn’t know the woman was radioactive. Now, the only bomb that will hit the ground is Obama’s enormous ego when he realizes that his fortunes, like his polls, are going down.

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