Saturday, August 16, 2008

Democrat Pollster Doug Schoen is Worried

At a time when 80 percent of America, including the mainstream media, is in the bag for B. O. , it must be enervating to hear such comments as come from Democratic Pollster and strategist Dough Schoen:

"A few weeks ago we were up by nine points. Now we're within the margin of error. Things aren't going our way. I need to change something because I don't want to count on youth enthusiasm and new registrants to carry us over the top.”

From a previous CBS interview:

“Doug Schoen: I think the racial component is overstated. I think people have doubts about Barack. I think they have doubts about his program. And I think they have some doubts about people like Reverend Wright. And I don't think that is necessarily racially motivated, though I would suggest that black liberation theology and some of the outrageous things that Reverend Wright has said certainly raise the specter of concern about race--separate and apart from Barack Obama--with working class voters who might be very, very concerned with the message.”

As the French speaking John Kerry would say: “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.”

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