Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day One Democratic Convention: The Snooze Factor

Day One of the Democratic Convention accomplished ever higher levels of humdrum and boredom. When the height of convention electricity is the moment when Barack Obama’s two adorable children take the stage, you’ve got a problem in Houston. But so it was. The children were adorable, and wife Michelle looked radiant as she delivered a prosaic speech.

The best convention analysis of the evening was provided by the Democratic Party Macho Man, James Carville.

“If there was a message in the party convention last night, they did their best to hide it.”

Carville appeared on the morning news shows the day after to say much the same thing. You’ve got to think that the Obamanites ought to be listening to Carville if they want to win. Passing over Hillary Clinton as the VP choice would indicate that they don’t, at least, not at the expense of Barack Obama’s ego.

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