Friday, May 9, 2008

Obama Needs to Address Hamas Endorsement, Not McCain's Age

O-Bomber (zero-bomber) Obama once again overshoots the runway and crashes into the goalpost with his snippy-snide comments about John McCain “losing his bearings.” Apparently, Obama was in a snit about the fact that Hamas endorsed his candidacy. Instead of taking on the Hamas leader’s pro-Obama comments, Obama decides to distract people with a comment that runs counter to the phony above-it-all self-mirage he works so hard to effect. I don’t know why they call this guy an “orator” at all—his choice of a nautical term like “losing your bearings” is certain to call attention to the fact that he’s never been close to a Navy warship, the sea, a compass. Regarding the latter, it seems that Obama seems to have steered his own imaginary ship onto the rocks at Reverend Wright’s church, the second Obama shipwreck following upon the Antoin Rezko scandal in home base of Chicago, Cook County.

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