Thursday, May 29, 2008

NJ Governor Jon Corzine on Fox Business Channel

NJ Democratic Governor Jon Corzine visited the Fox Business Channel this morning and he wasn’t turned to salt. Aside from making use of executive privilege in the reckless driving area, Corzine is one of those Democrats you could live with if you had to. He’s a Hillary Clinton supporter, and I would guess that’s because he doesn’t so much appreciate the lunatic fringe which has come to dominate Democratic party politics. That’s been an increasing tendency, even before the Bill Clinton administration. Clinton temporarily halted its march with its largely centrist coalitions. But right now, the Fringe is firmly in control, alienating those who would govern more broadly.

Corzine said it would be stupid to hamstring the economy by tax increases at a time when the economy is struggling. That’s what Obama supporters want to do. Manipulating people and playing upon resentments might get you the vote, but it is a tremendous disservice to the country. Barack Obama’s next book should be titled: “How to Make A Tough Economic Situation Worse.” Corzine should know a little something about the economy. He made lots of money during his years with investment firm Goldman-Sachs, and you don’t succeed at that without knowing a bit about economics. Obama must have learned about economics at Harvard, too. Marxist economics, no doubt.

Corzine also commented on the Michigan and Florida disenfranchisement of the vote. Remember how he recently teamed up with Charlie Crist and another Democrat to fund a revote. The Obama leaning DNC turned up its nose. Now it’s too late for a revote, says Corzine. Corzine also pointed out that Florida had both Hillary Clinton and Obama on the ticket , and there was no reason not to count that vote. The lunatic fringe is fond of repeating the trope that “rules are rules,” but they are really fond of coloring outside the lines when it suits them. Corzine correctly points out that Florida Republicans were the ones who changed the primary rules (for their own purposes). The DNC decided to put new “rules” in place about six months later. Did they not know that Florida would vote so heavily for Hillary Clinton?

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