Tuesday, May 27, 2008

McCain invites Obama to Iraq | The Australian

McCain invites Obama to Iraq | The AustralianMore failures by the effete liberal media require that I read Australian newspapers now. This is an important story because it has parallels with the Vietnam war, in that the politicians declared surrender at the time of greatest military success. General Giap, North Vietnam's greatest general, said that his army was about to collapse and the only thing that saved them was an American contingent of anti-war pacifists allied with a self-aggrandizing media. Isn't that what's happening in Iraq with Obama, pacifist pied piper who didn't feel that military service should be an important milestone in a career of public service? Al Qaeda is hurting in Iraq and those irresponsible people who think it is more important to "hate Bush" have already provided enough comfort to the enemy. The terrorists in Iraq need more pressure, not less, and there is evidence that the Iraqi Army is providing it.

Meanwhile, Obama needs to visit Iraq to see what's really going on there instead of the self-congratulating fantasy he has in his head. It was a grand gesture for Senator McCain to invite Obama to Iraq with him and to share his experience and insights with a potential rival. However, the snotty one-term Senator from Illinois followed Axelrod's scripted repartee and implied he was so overwhelmed with patriotism on Memorial Day that he couldn't think of anything else.

So click on the headline here and read the Australian newspaper which carried the story. Apparently, the anemia which has afflicted the New York Times and other newspapers hasn't infected that continent as it has our own.

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