Thursday, May 15, 2008

Liberal Democrats in Tight Squeak, Squeaky Shoes

It looks like Ahmadinajad, walks like him, and talks like him....

You wonder why there's such whining today from the Obama camp followers like Tom Roehmer, John Kerry et al....

Didn't Jimmy Carter just return from an unofficial and reckless mission of appeasement and conciliation in the Middle East? So why is the Obama camp so much on the defensive? The president criticized a congressmen who, in the years leading up to U.S. involvement in WWII, felt he could have smoothed Hitler's feathers with a huff and a puff and some other rhetorical flourishes. Certainly, the president was trying to be "inclusive" in elaborating a very hardline approach toward America's enemies. Obviously, Obama feels singled out. If so, he's got a great soapbox--why doesn't he climb up upon it and tell us what he really thinks instead of sending out his minions, mandarins, and fellow surrender monkeys?

Not all Americans want to declare surrender and turn the Middle East over to Islamo-nazis. Moderates can hardly raise a whisper in that part of the world without getting their heads cut off.

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