Friday, April 25, 2008

Shifting Sands of the Democratic Primary Process

The Democrat's primary process is always shifting emphasis. The super-delegate process has created more dissensions and conflicts than the problem it was intended to resolve.

After Florida of 2000, there has been a a great deal of emphasis on the popular vote. Counting the Florida and Michigan vote gives Hillary Clinton a popular vote advantage, an argument that will be advanced if she does well in Indiana and not as badly as expected in NC. Hillary is ahead in super-delegates and a win in Indiana could draw more of those. On the other hand, most of the party bosses have made their decision and must push Obama even though they now have serious reservations about his electability on the national level. The polls are drawing close and Cinton has won all the big states except Illinois.

Fortunately, John McCain has always held some views that are consistent with mainstream Democrats. McCain's trying to get people to turn away from the race issue which seems to have obsessed the Obama campaign. Must we all lose focus on the fact that this is a presidential election and we are looking for the best person to lead America? And if we are all to be subject to the charges of racism, who shall be exempt?....and who shall decide the exemption?....and who is innocent?...

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