Friday, April 11, 2008

Obama's Message: Uninspiring and Insipid

Leave it to the lawyers to come up with great new euphemisms. The Harvard educated Obama, claiming Divine inspiration, came up with the beguiling phrase of a “parallel public financing system.” Don’t worry, it’s not the same parallel public financing system claimed by Obama pal and political supporter, Antoin Rezko. This scam’s even better because it’s legal.

First let’s translate Obama’s arch expression “parallel public financing system.” You have heard the term “public financing” of presidential campaigns? That one was a reform measure. But now the “Blessed One” (Barack means “blessed” in Arabic) is finagling his way out of reform since his pockets are bulging with cash and has come up with “parallel public financing.” The meaning of Obama’s “Parallel public financing system” means simply that he can continue to spend as much money as possible from the internet while reneging on his support for “campaign financing reform.”

C’mon, you can do this. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Depart from your literal-mindedness and enter the realm of Obama surrealism. Obama frequently brags that he doesn’t take money from PACs. Wow, what a hair shirt! PACs account for less than 1% of election donations to presidential campaigns so where’s the sacrifice?

Aside from getting over a million buckos from commercial banks and pharmaceutical corporations, Obama’s got the support of fellow lawyers to the tune of 13 ½ million dollars. He’s using a chunk of that to bombard Pennsylvania with an avid buy-the-vote campaign.

An even bigger player behind Obama is billionaire America-hater Goerge Soros and his 527 groups like “Fund for America” or “Progressive Media USA,” which is currently running a $40 million dollar smear campaign targeting John McCain. There’s nothing new under the sun in Chicago Democratic politics. The Obama message has been typically uninspiring and insipid.

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