Thursday, April 10, 2008

Obama Credibility Called Into Question

Utterly ridiculous is Senator Hope and Change’s call for the president to shun the Olympics. I thought Obama’s call was for the U.S. to kibbutz with totalitarians like Ahmadinajad. Grasping and desperate for headlines as his defeat in Pennsylvania looms, Obama postures as the sanctimonious critic of the status quo which supported his rise to prominence in Chicago politics. Where would he have gotten without Rezko money and Jeremiah Wright’s “spiritual” support?

Obama shares with many “progressive” Democrats the one-trick-pony pacifism which will precipitate a loss in an election year where anyone could pin the tail on the donkey. His ludicrous questioning of General Petraeus was inept and fumbling, following along the lawyerly lines of “I’ll give you the answer—you give me the question.” General Petraeus is too sophisticated a man to have burst out laughing at Senator Obama’s naivete but I had severe anxieties in that direction.

Meanwhile, he had to once again face the Rev. Wright dilemma. A voter at a Town Hall meeting asked Obama why he so easily and blithely forgave the anti-Semitism of his former spiritual advisor. Obama claimed to have the support of Chicago’s Jewish population and I expect that response is about as believable as it would be for Louis Farrakhan to claim the same thing.

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