Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MSNBC Reporter's Notebook: Secret Internal Memo

MSNBC Reporter’s Notebook:
Barack Obama cannot simultaneously eat and speak, chew gum and walk, answer questions without a script. Do not overburden such an inspiring personage with harsh or unpleasant thoughts. Interviews must be conducted in friendly fashion, as suggested by Obama spokesman Jamal Simmons recently. Mr. Simmons has made known the Mr. Obama’s discomfiture with certain other Democratic candidates who dress and speak differently and occasionally use a hostile tone of voice. The following answers to the hostile questions noted below are acceptable to the network producers and should not be met with follow-up questions.

Q.: What do you think of Jimmy Carter’s visits with the Hamas leadership?

A: Just let me eat waffles.

Q: What would you do as president to bring down the price of gasoline?

A: Just let me eat my waffles.

Q. How much of a tax increase can Americans expect from an Obama presidency?

A. Just let me eat my waffles.

Q. What will you do if there’s a bloodbath when you beat feet in Iraq?

A. Just let me eat my waffles.

Q. What will you do specifically to boost the economy?

A. Just let me eat my waffles

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