Monday, April 21, 2008

Is the Obama "Bubble" Bursting?

Barack Obama accuses other unremittingly but does not easily withstand criticism as reflected in his poor showing in last Wednesday’s Philadelphia debates. He spent most of the week trying to prove that he was no “whiner” and finished the week with new accusations of a “kitchen sink strategy” on the part of Hillary Clinton. Axelrod and cronies must have been searching for a defining slogan and settled upon the “kitchen sink” metaphor but it is not a good one, conjuring up outdated and vaguely misogynistic images of a “wife” as harridan and himself as the noble husband, the victim of unfair torment, a miserable victim who suffers a rain of blows from saucers and kitchen utensils thrown at him. Is Obama an old-style Stanley Kowalski even as he tries to depict himself as a new and different politician? Is this an example of change that needs laundering?

The spell of the Obama media rapture seems to have been broken and all of the soft money flowing into and out of the Obama camp may not be enough to give him the boost he needs in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania votes tomorrow and Pennsylvania may not be willing to take any more from Obama. My prediction is for a Hillary Clinton favorable margin of at least 6 percent in a state where primary elections are most often uncomfortably close.

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