Monday, April 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton Rallies Voters in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

I went to Liberty High School in Bethlehem Pennsylvania yesterday to attend the Hillary Clinton rally held there. Considering what happened earlier in the week, I expected to hear some fulmination and fireworks from Hillary. Campaign people on Obama’s side were certainly turning up the heat as their candidate slipped in the national Gallup polls. I guessed Hillary would do the same, but I was wrong.

There were only two mentions of her “opponent” and not by name either. Both references were in the context of defending Clinton's proposed programs. Hillary Clinton responded to Barack’s attacks on her health care program by pointing out that Obama’s program left 50 million people out in the cold.

Then, she exhibited scorn of Obama’s charge that she was getting contributions from the big oil companies. Hillary said that neither she nor Obama received campaign money from the oil companies and that such an assertion was patently absurd. On the other hand, Obama received “bundled contributions” from oil company executives which are allowed by FEC rules. Obama’s assertions that he does not receive support from lobbyists is completely false, said Clinton. There are signs that Obama’s image is experiencing something of a meltdown. For the first time, Gallup polls indicate that Hillary is leading nationally among Democrats by one point.

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