Saturday, April 26, 2008

CNBC, Fox Business Channel, and Bloomberg Business Television

The photo features a group of financial analysts from CNBC discussing the Microsoft - Yahoo wrangle. The great thing about watching the financial channels is that it's very confusing. It's so confusing that it can even take your mind off politics. When financial analysts talk about politics, you don't get nearly as much spin as you do from the news networks. While everyone in the world or in politics is concerned about the "bottom line," the financial people are very blunt and honest about it. They'll tell you quickly that they're not interested in anything besides making money. They're the most truthful people in the world.

Quick, Quintanilla, and Kernen may sound like a law firm but it's not. They're the three hosts of CNBC's Squawk Box and they dish the early business news while many people aren't yet awake. Over on the new Fox Business Channel, there’s a show called “Money for Breakfast.” I’m not quite sure what they’re doing over there yet but it’s pretty interesting as well.
I think the Fox Business News covers the usual Wall Street business involving stocks, bonds, ETF’s , CDOs , commodities, and so forth but they also pop in short segments which are pointed at the typical consumer. Fox Business has their bevy of babes and hunks. Of particular note is the segment they do at the end of the day called “Happy Hour” or something like that where they feature a long-haired capitalist and a solid babe who could do Baywatch as easily as she plots the moves of the S&P or the Footsie. There’s yet a third business TV channel and that predates Fox Business by a long shot since it was started by New York’s Mayor Bloomberg in the 1980s. Bloomberg got his start in Billionaire City with an investment firm called Solomon Brothers and I presume he learned his lessons well, making so much money that he went into politics for excitement.
I guess that’s kind of backwards since most people who come from politics go into the world of finance for excitement. Bill Clinton’s done very well in the investment firm called Yucaipa, a firm that manages “sovereign” funds, and that’s caused a bit of a problem for wife Hillary who also knows a thing or two about the Footsie (FTSE). There is some confusion in the Democratic party these days where you have the image of the Kennedys and the Kerrys and somehow you’ve got to mix it up with populism and voice a great deal of anti-capitalist sentiment. I do wish they’d get that together because it’s very confusing, so confusing that I became a Republican at one point. A poor and generally moderate Republican, but at least I'm not bitter as I cling to my guns and bibles and resist the temptation to go bowling.
I've heard so many times from the Democrats that the Republicans were the "party of the rich" that I figured I'd go over there and see if I could catch some manna.

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