Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BLOWHARD BOULEVARD: Pennsylvania Primary Fallout

It was very entertaining to watch the Obama spinners on the damage control watch appear on the a.m. television shows. One of the topics touched upon within the Morning Joe program was a discussion of the images Obama wanted to present of himself. Joe Scarborough lamented Obama’s poor choice of words some weeks ago when he spoke of women being “punished with a child.”

One of the funniest lines came from Pat Buchanan on the same show. The pundits were bantering back and forth in search for an apt description of the cool Obama style which did not make “bitter” Pennsylvania people comfortable.
“I think he’s faculty lounge,” said Buchanan.

Later on, Mike Barnacle picked up and elaborated on the “faculty lounge” image that worked with some college kids but is perceived as remote and persnickety in other quarters. The Boston Globe reporter remarked that Obama should forget the button-down faculty lounge look, “loosen the tie.”

“People need a little emotion from the aloof candidate,” said Barnacle.
One of the more ridiculous assertions from Obama spinmeisters is that Obama’s loss was caused by “withering attacks” from Hillary Clinton. That’s a joke and a half and veteran political warriors were ROFLMAO (in a word). Is that a word yet? Joe Scarborough shook his head with a smile, wondering out loud if politics has become a strict domain of “wimps and wussies.” Scarborough echoes the sentiments of most other people with long-time political experience and doesn’t feel the race has been rough at all.

Can you imagine a boy-child coming home in tears from school in the Bronx of today or 1950 and complaining “that girl hit me, mom!” That’s what it looks like to hear some of the whining from the Obama water caddies.

The most hilarious moment came when Rep David Price (D) of North Carolina, a staunch Obama man, took his turn on Blowhard Boulevard. He characterized Obama’s PA defeat as a “double digit non-victory for Obama rather than a loss.” That’s even more surreal than saying a battered and bloody fighter accomplished “a reversal of gravity” instead of a KO in the ring.

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