Thursday, April 17, 2008

Barack Obama’s Gun Control Agenda

In an event described by the New York Times as “one of Mr. Obama’s weakest debate performances”, Barack Obama denied that his handwriting appeared on a 1996 legislative document calling for a hundred percent handgun ban in Illinois. While Clinton took great pains in recent weeks to convey the message that she was no enemy of legal gun owners nor of 2nd Amendment rights, Obama equivocated his position in a lawyerly academic fashion as if it were a 3 credit course in which the professor was careful to avoid favoring one side or another.

Obama is clearly a gun control enthusiast who does not appreciate the right of free citizens to defend themselves. He affirmed support of the 2nd amendment but affirmed also the right of states, towns, and localities to enforce regulations which supersede the 2nd Amendment. The position echoes the liberal plaint that “we have to get guns out of the city.” That means all guns, the way local government would have it in DC if the Supreme Court does not rule against the District.

While most people appreciate efforts to minimize the dangers to America’s dedicated police officers, gun control is most often used to get votes from liberal activist anti-gun groups who presume to benefit the “folks” of the inner-city. The conceit in this is that Obama lives in the well-policed suburbs and has armed security at his disposal. It ignores the fact that there are, in the inner-city, conservative, law-abiding folks who toil at jobs and prefer to live quietly at home, without fear of home invasion or other disturbance. Such “folks” are too keenly aware that police are only minutes away in times of dire emergency when only seconds are available to protect their lives and families.

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