Friday, November 30, 2007

Morning News Blitz: Top Headline

New York’s mayor Bloomberg meeting with Barak Obama this morning. One of the tv’s talking heads was fueling speculation that Obama and Bloomberg might be hooking up some sort of political plan but she must have been desperate for ratings. More likely, Barak’s trying to get ahead with New York’s largely Democratic voters. The Clinton’s, of course, have established a fortress in New York—there’s Bill’s digs in the fashionable part of Harlem and of course Hillary is everywhere in NY. Barak’s behind Hillary in support, even among black voters. Hillary’s taking haircuts to a new level with her campaign plan to reach black voters in minority hair salons. It’s not a bad idea.

ABC was carrying the story about Amanda Knox, the American college student living in Italy who is accused of murder. Bizarre doesn’t begin to describe what happened to the young British victim. She had her throat slit after refusing to participate in group perversion activities. Yes, that’s a euphemism. The whole thing makes me too sick and I don’t want to lose my breakfast. There was nothing new about the ABC “news”—they focused this a.m.’s story on Amanda’s rough jail accommodations.

Sometimes those three on the Morning Joe are hitting things pretty well. Willie Geist and Joe Scarborough were burning up the track in the low key sort of way they have decided is “cool.” What really is “cool” about MSNBC is that they have Erin Burnett who makes cameo appearances and makes a lot of hearts beat. I couldn’t describe exactly why Erin Burnett is such a boy magnet but check her out. The voice, the tone, the facial expressions, the modest but slightly suggestive couture, coupled with a sublime intelligence…ah, my heart !…I need to get back to business….

Among the things the Morning Joes were talking about were Rudolph Giuliani’s long ago peccadilloes and fast play with the NYC budget. It wasn’t illegal stuff, I don’t think, but it was a little screwy. Apparently Rudy would get his bank accounts mixed up when he’d zip up to Long Island to visit his main squeeze, currently his wife. He billed the trips to the city budget and then the police budget would replenish the city fund. No doubt, there was a little “duck and cover” in Rudy’s actions but fast play in NYC is the rule. So if Rudy was playing a mayor’s version of three-card monte with the media, people should keep their eyes on everybody over there: Rudy, Hillary, Bill, Reverend Al….everybody! And while we’re doing that, a whole lot other crap will be going on there by people whose names we don’t know. The Post does a great job and so does the NY Daily News, but you can’t cover corruption in the NYC metropolitan area enough, and that includes NJ. And the Eastern part of Pennsylvania.

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