Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sandy Berger Sanitation Hire: Hillarity and Hubris

Clintonite Whiz Kid Sandy Berger Gives How-To Advice to Hillary Campaign.

I’m astonished that Hillary Clinton chose to resurrect the disgraced former national security adviser Sandy Berger by appointing him as an advisor to her campaign. What the hell’s he going to do for Hillary? Show her how to properly sanitize a crime scene?

I guess Republicans should be glad of Hillary’s latest act of hubris (and indifference to law) in making the appointment. Berger’s not only a thief and a threat to national security; he’s a bungler as well. Here’s a brief outline of what happened:

1) National Archives employees spotted Berger stuffing documents into his socks, a classy and clever maneuver which would be too cheap to put into a trashy movie script. So was a later theft when he shoved documents into his pockets and stuck them under a construction trailer.

2) When Archives employees asked about the missing documents, Berger gleefully lied to them saying he did not take them.

3) When Berger realized that the Archives staff people were on to him, he “panicked” and cut up four documents into tiny pieces.
The Hillarity (sic) doesn’t end there. According to the Inspector General’s notes, Berger tried to contact the trash collecting company to retrieve the shredded documents but had “no luck”. Unh-hunh, again!
An inspector-general report in December 2003 described Berger’s theft of documents. The theft occurred while 9-11 Commission was getting ready to hear Berger’s testimony on the Clinton Administration’s policies concerning the terror attacks. By the time the IG’s office completed its final report on Berger, Berger had already pleaded guilty and received a slap on the wrist criminal sentence. Stealing classified documents from the national archives gets you a $50,000 fine if you’re a Clinton Democrat and a free press pass in the liberal indoctrinated media.

Berger and the Clintonites stick to the story that he was merely reviewing the documents to make sure the 9-11 Commission got the “correct” classified material. Unh-huh. So that’s it!

But I guess that’s a good enough reason, given the context of the surrealistic fiasco of the 9-11 commission in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. After the gullible public was able to accept Jamie Gorelick sitting on the Commission side of the table rather than on the witness side, the stage was set for all manner of preposterous assertions, assumptions, and outright lies.

Now, I want you to testify honestly before the Commission, Sandy..(wink,wink)

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