Monday, October 15, 2007

Putin Assassination Plot Thwarted in Iran

Who on earth would want to kill a nice guy like Vladimir Putin?

Has Putin’s Iran diplomacy backfired? Iranian officials are sweating a report that Russian intelligence has uncovered a plot to assassinate Russia’s president Vladimir Putin. The source of the report is Interfax, a news agency with strong ties to the Russian government. A government spokeswoman also confirmed the report.

Two other recent plots intended to kill the Russian president were thwarted, and these were thought to be the work of Chechen Islamic terrorists. In this latest plot, Putin was to be assassinated by a team of suicide bombers in the typical pattern of not giving a damn who else might be killed besides the intended target.

The Iranian plot to kill Putin is ironic and embarrassing to the Tehran government. Putin has interceded on behalf of Iran with the international community. Russia is currently providing the technology and infrastructure for building a nuclear plant in Iran.

Maybe it’s time for Putin to rethink his position in doing business in Iran. Iranian moderates are not likely to keep the Islamo-nazis in check, and this latest assassination plot is just one example of the perils of a fatuous Russian “diplomacy.” But then again, the Russian president’s appetite for world power is uncontrollable and, like a fat man at a banquet, he cannot stop eating.

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